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Who is David Levine?

“I never thought I’d watch my own city government argue against a project that would create jobs in our community.”

As far as questions go, this is a fair one. There was no secret plot involved. I simply saw issues that went unheard by several council members, and my opponent is one of them. This is not to disparage him. The problem I have is that citizens city-wide aren’t being heard. Unless you are a member of the local special interest group that pours money into local candidates, then you aren’t going to get their full ear. That is why I am challenging my opponent.

I am the son of a Houston area Police Officer that found a home in College Station thirteen years ago. Like many people, I worked hard and found success. This lead to me becoming the General Manager at a local luxury auto dealer, small business owner, and community investor. During plans to build new dealerships, I saw firsthand the way College Station bureaucracy plays out.

I never thought I’d watch my own city government argue against a project that would create jobs in our community. Our city needs representation that is reflective of citizens from different communities and backgrounds. We need fresh legs and ideas to move our city forward.

The focus of our city government has devolved into delivering regressive policy instead of creating opportunity. This is something which challenges the livelihood of all our city’s citizens. This is especially true when leaders don’t deliver a final product consistent with what was sold to their voters. Their recent actions affecting private property rights will now put our city’s future in jeopardy. So what is my plan for College Station? Scroll down to find out.

What is David's Platform?

“Safe Streets, Roof Rights, and Bread & Bank.”

How do we untangle the bad policy and ensure our community thrives?

It is simple.

We need a strong community first approach. Take the city boot off the necks of our citizens, empower our communities through crime reduction strategies, and ensure core services are successfully run

You can boil all that down into three points of focus:

  • Safe Streets – deliver smart and well-funded policing strategies.
  • Roof Rights – ensuring College Station private property rights are restored.
  • Bread & Bank – create jobs through economic drivers and lower taxes, so citizens have more bread on the table.


~Extra Reading~

In Texas, a City Council can stifle growth and foster growth, but it cannot control it. The City Council’s job is to plan and facilitate the growth which the market has created. A few of our City Councilmembers believe they can control how our Aggieland grows, and that is not why we elect them. They are elected to manage our tax dollars to handle core city services. That means keeping the streets safe, putting out fires, improving infrastructure, and being prudent with taxpayer dollars while doing it. We need to put intense focus on maintenance in productive neighborhoods in our community. That is how you create a strong city and adapt to its growth.

Businesses are the reasons neighborhoods exist, and neighborhoods are where our families experience community and belonging. Unlike a business, cities can’t just close up shop. You can dissolve unproductive divisions in a company, but you cannot dissolve a subdivision. If elected, I would be serving citizens as a community member that runs a large local business. With that responsibility, I would seek to invest more in what drives our city’s revenue versus fueling a manufactured fight amongst neighborhoods and businesses. I choose to fight for the individual taxpayer, regardless of the area they live.

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